We’re proud of the work, and even prouder of the partnerships we’ve built.

We’re proud of the work, and even prouder of the partnerships we’ve built.

NETS Merchant Event 2018

Taste of Singapore

NETS Merchant Event 2018 (Taste of Singapore) is an event that features an array of favorite local street food. The food on display was selected from various food stalls located at different hawker centers in Singapore. Guests and visitors to the event also experienced a seamless payment method via NETS digital payment. All guests and visitors spend a memorable event accompanied by a delicious treat, soothing music, and breathtaking scenic city skyline backdrop.

The Challenge

To promote a cashless transaction when purchasing food in the event area while also showcasing the varieties of hawker foods found in Singapore.

NETS has requested to create an event that differs from the past, which was usually held in restaurants and ballrooms. At the same time, NETS has requested the concept to allow showcasing its digital payment solution, especially in the low adoption sector.

To provide the guests with a different and seamless experience, one that is akin to Singapore’s popular food culture. Where the objective is to enjoy the food rather than be troubled by physical dollars and cents.

Project Type
Networking Event
Clifford Square

The Approach

To navigate the challenge, we propose to serve the guest with our local hawker delights rather than the regular restaurant/hotel food. And at the same time, this would allow us to showcase the use of digital payment at the hawker center.

To do that, we first curated a list of the top 30 most popular hawker stalls in Singapore. Then, we visited each and every stall owner to encourage them to participate in the event.

We also go through with each and every participating hawker on all crucial details in ensuring the dishes are prepared and served in the most authentic manner. Further, features such as the kitchen requirements and kitchen wares were also recorded and studied.

At the same time, all legal requirements such as licenses, event restrictions and requirements were carefully obeyed and ascertained. Additionally, Asdor initiated specific installations that serve to excite the senses on the event day. Creative ideation and key visuals were also included throughout the overall event space.


The Solution

Although it involves meticulous planning and diagrammatic drawing, the kitchen requirements were modified to successfully fit in the allocated event space for each hawker stall. All legal requirements were timely fulfilled before the actual event date to avoid any unnecessary hindrance.

To enhance the event atmosphere, we brought in a live band to perform against our charming night city skyline. A suitably positioned and spacious platform was provided for the live music entertainers, and to further compliment the event, an art gallery featuring images of local food past and present was constructed.

Key Metrics

> 600 attendees     > 14 F&B merchants     > 4 hours event


View the video here