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Virtual Events: Taking Over the Event Marketing Landscape Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

April 9, 2020

A Virtual Event is any organized meet-up that takes place online rather than in a physical location. Be it at home or the office, on-demand or live, and the best part is, Virtual Events do not take up the same amount of resources like a brick and mortar event would.

A Virtual Event can also feature webinars and webcasts involving those who interact in a virtual environment – giving a similar look and feel to a highly interactive physical event. These Virtual Events enables business owners to meet attendees on their convenient terms.

What is a Virtual Event?

Technology upgrades have opened doors into new and exciting ways in online connectivity, from joining a Virtual Tour to participating in a Virtual Learning class.

Virtual Event is a digital realm whereby it allows both users and participants to download the contents of each event and also to share and view business contacts at an instant. These Virtual Events can range from a small-sized Virtual Product Launches to large-scale Virtual Roadshow with thousands in attendance.

It thus leaves businesses to their own creativity and imagination on how they want to curate a Virtual Event. Comparably, Virtual Events are viewed as a value-added engagement-driven experience – directly translates to be a substantial cost saving factor.

Examples of Virtual Events?

Virtual Roadshow

For example, a Virtual Roadshow takes place over the course of a few days, and each taking a few hours. Virtually, it allows attendees from all over the world to listen and join in the show. Attendees are given the privilege to either participate as a single individual or as a group. This is considered as a business flexibility that will result in an increase of the brand presence digitally.

In terms of value, a Virtual Roadshow enables companies to generate more leads and sales while at the same time acting as a driver for positive engagement. Virtual Roadshows typically utilize video and camera tools that allow free rein of directions, and the ability to present live or a pre-recorded segment of the roadshow.

This can also be realized from a mobile-based broadcasting system with additional features such as real-time effects all from the comfort of a smartphone. The objective of a roadshow is to reach out to many people in a specified calendar period. And for a Virtual Roadshow, you can achieve these objectives in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

Virtual Product Launch

Another example will be a Virtual Product Launch. One of the best positives about this is the ability to assist participants with immediate live support, and with facts and figures via real-time analytics.

For participants who missed the live broadcast of the Virtual Product Launch, they can access the whole event via on-demand at a time and convenience of their choice. All without the need to squeeze into their tight business schedule.

Businesses too, can further this capability by repurposing it in email campaigns or use it as content for blogs or case studies. The Virtual Product Launch will include a customizable experience for different sets of participants with specific preferences or requests.

The viewing of the launch can be conducted either in a single or multiple user interface setting. Altogether, this format will allow a deeper dive into the specifics of a product giving interested businesses a more unobstructed view of the mechanics in each product.

Virtual Presentation

Presentations are a significant part of the business world. In contrast, a Virtual Presentation can deliver your corporate communications message to your audience by leveraging the impact of live events. Making it a useful tool to showcase your company’s presentation.

Bringing any business presentation up a notch, Virtual Presentations offers free and direct access to information in a virtual interface. This allows companies to share detailed presentations with a broader, targeted audience.

No matter what the reason is, crafting together a business presentation can often be the difference between a clear and precise position and a murky and confusing situation. In short, an excellent presentation helps to sell. With a Virtual Presentation, it gives users a chance to refer back to illustrated points at any time and location and share critical information with decision-makers.

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning is not some fancy form of a training system. Firstly, Virtual Learning is accessible to anyone from any location which has a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and an internet connection.

Learners will appreciate the keynotes of each lesson, and learners can choose to gather at virtual lounges or other virtual gathering spots. Virtual learning allows a more flexible schedule, and different lessons and subjects can be carried out simultaneously.

There will be learning, intellectual connection, and more importantly, it is all happening in a fun virtual way. It also allows companies and businesses to update learning materials quickly and easily, which will otherwise be costly and time-consuming. The best part is, the costs to create the above will be lesser than an in-person event.

Virtual Tours

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of a Virtual Tour, it is worth more than that. Virtual Tours provides detailed visual information beyond merely text and images. A Virtual Tour can offer web visitors unparalleled access to a product or business.

This is done without the need to leave your website while also boosting web visitor retention and sales. Virtual Tours are proven to keep potential customers longer on a website allowing interaction with a product or service with just a click of a mouse.

These Virtual Tours have turned out to be a useful tool in engaging the customers, by simplifying business strategy while lucidly conveying marketing messages. Designed to allow customers and clients to step inside a business from any device, Virtual Tours provides a free rein of navigation, giving customers complete control over what they want to see or interact.


Businesses that implement gamification programs together with the above Virtual Events stand to gain many advantages and benefits. Gamification uses a goal, achievements, and rewards system which encourages participation and, thus, improves the interest of a specific product or service.

Similarly, gaming techniques encourage consumer engagement, ensuring a sense of belonging with the product or service. Game-based marketing is a growing trend for the potential growth of a business as it has the ability to promote certain positive behaviours. Businesses will also see their marketing communication improves with potential customers.

As it is, the business climate is one with real-time feedback, and the onus is on businesses to figure out how to engage in that. Each consumer of gamification will be associated with clicks, points, badges, and achievements, all of which generate big data. And big data equals valuable customer information and insights for businesses.


In a nutshell, a Virtual Event is one where individuals experience the contents of the events online or in a digital realm rather than gathering in-person. Importantly, a Virtual Event means your audiences can attend from wherever they live or work. Another plus point is, in a Virtual Event, your marketing team, your guest speakers, and your invitees do not need to travel.

From broadcasting feed in real-time to through around the clock access, businesses and organizations are staging virtual events across the web. In-person events are restricted by many factors such as location and time difference and, more recently, situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, a Virtual Event is an excellent cost-effective way to be in front of your audience – your pool of customers. It can exponentially reduce your business spending and, more importantly, make attendance accessible to a broader audience even if the event has a specific regional focus.

Perhaps, it is time to engage with a proper Integrated Marketing Agency – one that is a little more relevant in these changing climate.

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