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Virtual Roadshow: Probably the First of its Kind in Singapore

April 30, 2020

Asdor Singapore has announced the launch of Virtual Roadshow as part of its Virtual Events strategy. The digital version of its popular face-to-face business events – Virtual Roadshows – is primarily based on an innovative and secure platform to create, broadcast, and view virtual presentations for business-raising events.

Companies and brands are pivoting quickly to meet their consumers where they are now, and Virtual Roadshow is the key to this resurgence. But how does this translate for practitioners of the tried and tested traditional roadshow?

Well, let’s read on to find out.

What is Virtual Roadshow?

Businesses responding to the many challenges that are ever-present today faces an uphill battle – and there is no way to sugar coat it. As many companies move to remote working and social distancing, Virtual Roadshows are a feasible way of connecting business owners with customers on a human level with none of the logistics required of a physical visit.

A Virtual Roadshow takes place over the course of a few days, and each taking a few hours. Virtually, it allows attendees from all over the world to listen and join in the show. Attendees are given the privilege to either participate as a single individual or as a group. This is considered as a business flexibility that will result in an increase of the brand presence digitally.

In terms of value, a Virtual Roadshow enables companies to generate more leads and sales while at the same time acting as a driver for positive engagement. Virtual Roadshows typically utilize video and camera tools that allow free rein of directions, and the ability to present live or a pre-recorded segment of the roadshow.

This can also be realized from a mobile-based broadcasting system with additional features such as real-time effects all from the comfort of a smartphone. The objective of a roadshow is to reach out to many people in a specified calendar period. And for a Virtual Roadshow, you can achieve these objectives in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

Why Asdor Virtual Roadshow?

With Asdor Virtual Roadshow, companies can build their prospective leads through Asdor’s platform. Companies will also be able to host one-on-one or one-to-many video and audio meetings to present their story to new customers and provide updates to existing ones. After a Virtual Roadshow has ended, companies can track customers who attended and monitor their sign-ups in real-time.

Financial advisers need to stay ahead of the game, and these Virtual Roadshows are the perfect place to help advisers look at the changing needs of various demographics and explore market trends. Asdor Virtual Roadshow brings streamlined workflow and an enhanced experience to financial services professionals through sleek and modern interfaces.

As with Asdor Virtual Roadshows, users can set the time limit of each roadshow from a single day to a few weeks. Users can also set the number of speaking sessions, and with added questions and answers functionality, Asdor Virtual Roadshows will ensure crucial conversations are exchanged and solicited.

Other key features include:

5G Mobile-based AR Broadcasting System

Using 5G enabled mobile devices to allow AR effects on mobile screens and the web. Thereby influencing interactions and integrating additional content virtually.

Real-time Special Effects via Smartphone

Placing presenter in a virtual environment with special effects that keep users engaged and communications flowing

Broadcasting Feed in Real-time

Reaching and attracting people (single or groups) from around the globe via a live broadcasting feed. Increasing engagement by allowing comments and questions in real-time via a chatbox.

2D Augmented Reality

Spatial visualization using a portable outlet such as a smartphone, a tablet, or additional gear. Allowing the browser to navigate through an augmented world as a “camera.”

On top of all the above, Asdor Virtual Roadshow is different from others in several important ways. Held in digital meeting rooms, Asdor Virtual Roadshows also includes:

    • Universal Accessibility

Asdor Virtual Roadshow is available on all browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).

    • Environmentally Friendly

No driving or printed materials required.

    • Compliance

Designed to address current market practices, involving electronic communications.

    • Superior Customer Service

Asdor has a long-standing reputation in high clientele services, and Asdor Virtual Roadshow clients will benefit from a dedicated service team.


The old, “we have always done it this way” excuse is no longer reasonable for businesses and even more so now. Change is necessary and mandatory, and if companies are not pivoting, then these businesses are not evolving with the times.

Innovation is borne from adversity, and if there is something new, something different, something relevant to try that aligns with your business objectives, then the answer is obvious. You better do it.

Get your business the dose of digital transformation today!

About Asdor

Asdor is an Integrated Marketing Agency optimizing connected experiences, both offline and online using creative communications tools. We are a solutions provider tailoring a comprehensive spectrum of Integrated Marketing in each and every aspect of our Clients’ needs and wants. We are excited at the prospect of the future – one that will be digitally engaging and uniquely exciting.

Let’s innovate together!

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